Serving the general aviation pilot community since 1999.
Flight Planning
Advanced, yet simple to use.
CHART & FLY is an advanced flight planning and air navigation software for VFR and IFR1 flight plans, designed for commercial and private pilots, flying fixed pitch to light turbofan aircraft. The software integrates automatic aviation weather and provides aircraft traffic awareness2.
Flight Planning
Get the big picture.
With your ADS-B and GPS receivers you can see aircraft traffic and be warned about possible conflict2. You can replay it all later.
Flight Planning
Loaded with features.
CHART & FLY features weight & balance profiles, three map modes, elevations profile, aircraft checklist, automatic weather information, interactive reports, and much more.
Flight Computer Plus
Navigation Calculator.
Flight Computer Plus, a multi featured navigation calculator, comes as an integral component of CHART & FLY. See more...

1 Canadian low-level airspace.
2 This feature is for experimental purposes only and the user must apply the "see and be seen" principle.